Mia, is a talented teenager in music, who lives with her godmother Isabel and gets a scholarship to study at Saint Mary's Academy that is recognized for its prestigious art department. After convincing her godmother, who wouldn't let her go so easily to attend Saint Mary's, Mia will seek to adapt to it and make new friends. However, Mia must face the daughter

of the school owner - Lupe. Lupe is the most talented and popular student at the academy. For this reason, together with her two new friends, Mia will seek to establish herself as one of the best talents of Saint Mary. Mia's love interest is Álvaro, Lupe's brother and one of the star players of the academy's basketball team who struggles with his own problems. His rival is Juanma, who is Lupe's boyfriend. The show follows Mia's and the other characters' lives at the academy, their conflicts, their love life, and their own individual journey.shawnmichael


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